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David Wright's retirement unlikely to include these jobs - Jobs Zone

David Wright's retirement unlikely to include these jobs


David Wright appears in no hurry to chart a post-baseball career after his Citi Field finale.

Though the Mets captain will certainly have plenty of options following his final game later this month, he indicated Thursday that finding a niche could be a challenge.

“Jeff has asked me numerous times what interests me,” Wright said, referring to the Mets’ COO, Jeff Wilpon.

“And I am yet to find something other than baseball and my family that really interests me.”

In an interview last month during his minor league rehab assignment, Wright told The Post his only interest in managing/coaching would be at the youth league level, involving his daughters.

Wright also shot down the idea he might slide into the broadcast booth, even if it entailed only working a handful of games for the SNY network.

It’s expected ESPN, Fox and MLB Network would have interest if the well-spoken Wright wanted to pursue broadcasting.

Wright — who will have earned $192 million in his career by the time the Mets finish paying him — probably won’t need the extra cash.

It’s possible Wright could ultimately follow in the footsteps of his close friend Michael Cuddyer and take an advisory role that entails work in player development on a part-time basis.

Cuddyer took such a position with the Twins following his retirement.

“When I went on that minor league rehab assignment, these 18-, 19-year-old kids come up to you and they ask these questions,” Wright said.

“I love sitting down and talking baseball. I really enjoy that. The same goes for up here.

“Sitting with Jake [deGrom] or Steven Matz or Jay Bruce or Jose Reyes or just talking baseball. Just talking the game.”

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